The music video, "Bigfoot's Big Buzz" is a contemporary creation of Moon's
imagination (some clear liquids may have accelerated the process), but he
came by his fascination with Bigfoot over 50 years ago. In 1964 while visiting
in Reno, Nevada, Moon's grandmother sent him with the local YMCA on 5 day, 80
mile raft trip on the Rogue River in southwest Oregon. High in the Cascades and
way-way back in the wilderness the group encountered bears, wolves,
rattlesnakes...and for Moon a Sasquatch!!! It's a crazy story( bet Moon will
tell you all about it in his new tv show, "Live from Moonville") coming soon to
a cable channel or internet near you. Friend us on Facebook or stay
tuned to for the next chapter, and lots more crazy original
songs too!!! 
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