Sasquatch Steve


Sasquatch Steve, or just “Sasquatch Steve” to his friends, grew up in a very nondescript holler in Appalachia. Steve never thought much of Bigfoot or other Cryptids, until a fateful encounter with an unknown beast in Bear Heaven, West Virginia left Steve shaken to his core. To get away, Steve took a vacation to Lake Champlain in New York… after a fateful encounter there with Champ the lake monster, Steve decided to dedicate his life to the study of cryptozoological creatures, or cryptids for short. After pursuing his masters and doctorate in cryptozoological studies at Washington Agricultural University in the Pacific Northwest, Steve now has dedicated his life to researching and discovering cryptid species, including his search for the Appalachian Bigfoot he has deemed BF, a particularly elusive beast who stalks the Ohio River Valley. 



Bigfoot, or BF to his friends, has always been a bit of an odd duck. More adventuresome than his 13 siblings and family members, BF wandered a little too far from home one day and was caught up in the great Derecho of 2012, and has forever since been separated from his family. Despite searching high and low through Appalachia, BF has been unable to locate his fellow Big Feet, and has since given up the search, attempting a more sedate life in the Mid-Ohio Valley. BF must remain ever vigilant though, as most folks have openly accepted him into the community, Sasquatch Steve is always on his tail, and the last thing BF wants is to be on television (he gets horrible stage fright). Hopefully one day he will again find his family, but until then, he doesn’t mind the occasional Over The Moon pizza or a frosty beverage, and he is dedicated to eventually finding at least one pair of comfortable shoes in his size, he hopes.

Ma and Pa Bunyip


Ma and Pa have come across some interesting things in their life together. After moving into the Bunyip family homestead deep in the hills of Appalachia, Ma and Pa have frequent visitors who cross their property and hang out in their apple groves and garden. Pa thinks its because of the apples, but Ma knows better, they come for Pa’s family recipe shine. On top of BF (who after an initial discovery of Pa’s corn liquor, and Pa’s ill-fated haircut has become a regular visitor and friend), Ma and Pa frequently have come across Mothman, Grassman, Lizard Man and a few Eastern Cougars on their property all hanging out around Pa’s still. While mostly docile towards Ma and Pa in general, the resident Cryptids do on occasion torment Pa when the supply of sour mash gets low.

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